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Improving the well being of the majority: Nicaragua and *ALBA

NSC News | Saturday, 30 November 2013

Interview with Carlos Fonseca, FSLN international department, in advance of his UK visit 3-13 December. Carlos will be speaking at the Latin America Conference on 7 December in central London and at public meetings in Cardiff 5 December, Bristol 5 December, Leeds 9 December and Sheffield 10 December. Liz Light, read more

‘At home, in bed, in the streets’, Nicaraguan documentary

NSC News | Friday, 29 November 2013

Puntos de Encuentro is a Nicaraguan feminist organisation who have very successfully combined working through dramas shown on prime time TV and grass roots activism in communities and schools. ‘At home, in bed, in the streets’ is a documentary about this work which will be premiered at the London Feminist read more

Nicaragua Now, NSC's new magazine

NSC News | Tuesday, 26 November 2013

NSC launches new magazine, features on Nicaragua and UK Nicaragua solidarity news, issue 1, autumn 2013 The pros and cons of the planned 250km interoceanic canal Recognising the unpaid work of women in the costing of coffee and sesame read more

Plans move forward rapidly on interoceanic canal project

News from Nicaragua | Thursday, 21 November 2013

In June 2013,Nicaragua’s National Assembly approved a bill to grant a 50-year concession to the Hong Kong Nicaragua Canal Development Investment Co (HKND) to conduct a feasibility study and build a 250km interoceanic canal across Nicaragua. In October a delegation of Nicaraguan business people, politicians, academics and others travelled toChinato read more

Buy Fairtrade Coffee to guarantee farmers a livelihood

News from Nicaragua | Thursday, 21 November 2013

World coffee prices are predicted to fall to US$85 per hundredweight, $40 less than production costs for Nicaraguan farmers. In contrast Fairtrade producers receive $160 per hundredweight including a Fairtrade premium. For Nicaraguan farmers this comes on top of a coffee rust disease that has severely cut production. The National read more

Hasta la Victoria! Photographic exhibition by Grant Fleming

NSC News | Friday, 8 November 2013

A personal journey through the upheavals of Central America in 1988. From the Republican Convention in New Orleans through Sandinista Nicaragua to Panama, Grant Fleming documents the brutal consequences of Reagan’s war on the region. The Printspace, 74 Kingsland Rd, London E2 8DL (Old St) 8 – 19 November, Mon read more