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'Journalist' Carl David Goette-Lucik posing with armed opposition member US ‘journalist’ deported for aiding and abetting violence

News from Nicaragua | Thursday, 11 October 2018

On 3 October US/Austrian journalist Carl David Goette-Luciak was deported from Nicaragua – an event that sparked outrage from The Guardian and and the National Union of Journalists. https://www.nuj.org.uk/news/nuj-condemns-deportation-of-freelance-journalist-from-nicaragua/ However, what the Guardian and the NUJ fail to mention is that neither Goette – Luciak nor any other journalist read more

Threat of US sanctions against Nicaragua looms

News from Nicaragua | Thursday, 11 October 2018

Sanctions will not only deepen the poverty of those already impoverished but will also deepen the polarisation within Nicaragua making it even more difficult to reach a political settlement to the crisis. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Nicaragua Investment Conditionality Act (NICA Act) was first introduced into Congress in 2015 but read more