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Nicaragua Needs You to Support NSC - Make a Donation Now!

Although it is the second poorest country in Latin America and the Caribbean, Nicaragua has many inspiring organisations and projects promoting social, environmental and economic justice.

Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign is proud to stand in solidarity with Nicaraguan co-operatives, associations and communities working at the front line of the environmental crisis.

NSC depends on the support of affiliations, donations and our own fundraising activities. Through your generous contribution, NSC will continue to work in solidarity with Nicaraguan grassroots organisations in 2020. Please donate today and support this important work!

In 2019, NSC began supporting the Rural Workers' Association (ATC), a network of around 50,000 Nicaraguan small-scale producers, or campesinos. The ATC organises on a local, national, and international level for food sovereignty.

Projects include agroecological training programmes for rural communities, workshops on workers' rights, and youth and women's movements.

The ATC established a Latin American Agroecology Institute, which offers training in sustainable agriculture and community organising for young adults from rural communities across Central America. The ATC is also a co-founder of La Via Campesina, a global movement representing 200 million rural workers in hundreds of social movement organisations.


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