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About Nicaragua: Who was Augusto César Sandino?

Augusto César Sandino.

Augusto César Sandino was born in 1895 and murdered in 1934 by National Guardsmen acting on the orders of the dictator Anastasio Somoza Garcia. Somoza later installed himself as president of Nicaragua. Somoza subsequently admitted to carrying out this crime with the backing of the US Ambassador.

From 1926 until his assassination in 1934 Sandino defied the military might of the US whose Marines had occupied Nicaragua since 1909 and finally, in 1933, the last contingent left Nicaragua. Six years of combat by a handful of workers and campesinos had made a significant contribution to that victory.

Sandino was not only a fighter but a prolific writer and gifted orator. Throughout the 34-year period of US-backed Somoza dictatorships, and ever since, ‘Sandinismo’ has become the rallying cry for freedom, self-determination and non-intervention, not only for Nicaragua but for liberation movements across Latin America.

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